2023 Gray Nicolls Hypernova 1.1 5 Star Lite Junior Cricket Bat

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Sharing the same performance characteristics as the 1.0, the 1.1 iteration of the Hypernova bat is the preferred shape for many of the leading International Gray-Nicolls Players. The perfect blend of power, size and outstanding pickup with a full profile, large spine and edge profile and duck bill toe.

Product Features


  • Bow: Even - Low.
  • Profile: Large hitting area with mid to low sweet spot, long sweeping spine and edges.
  • Face: Flat Face for increased profile.
  • Pick up: Lower balance point to generate power and bat speed, innovative shaping ensures outstanding pick up.
  • Edges: Large edges to match the spine.
  • Toe: Square.
  • Handle: Semi Oval.
  • Grip: Traction: Maximum grip.

What sets the 1.1 apart from the Hypernova bat collection is the colour of the decals, which combines tonal blues and lustrous chromes, creating an aesthetic that is sure to
please batters across the game.

* Please note that the addition of anti-scuff facing & edging tape adds 1-2 ounces to the original weight that you have selected for your bat.

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