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Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats

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Showing 20 Products
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Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats

Discount Cricket Outlet proudly presents the superb latest range of Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats. Including the Legend, Powerbow Inferno, Supernova, Maax, Oblivion Stealth and many more!

These units are used by many international cricketers including England captain Alistair Cook and Australian opener David Warner.

You can purchase your new Gray Nicolls bat at the most affordable price on the web here at Discount Cricket Outlet.

The Legend Cricket Bat is the pinnacle of 160 years of bat making history and heritage. Fully endorsed by current England Captain Alastair Cook and former Ashes winning skipper of England, Andrew Strauss. The great thing about the Legend having a mid-blade strike zone is that it suits both front and back foot play which makes this equipment so appealing to all kinds of player around the world. The Classic Collection has also been revamped for 2016 including the Prestige, Players and Select variants for those batsman who take the game very seriously. With a mid-blade strike zone again this equipment is ideal for both the front and back foot player. 

Another Iconic model from the Gray Nicolls archive returns fully revamped in the form of the GN500 Cricket Bat. Fully endorsed and previously used by England Captain David Gower this bat is ideally suited for the classy front foot player who likes to look incredibly elegant at the crease at all times. The original four scoop technology has only enhanced the power and pick up achieved in a modern bat and will enable any player to re-create their cricketing memories.

The Kaboom Bat again gets a revamp for the new season fully endorsed by huge hitting Australian Batsman David Warner who has established himself as one of the game's most explosive batsman. With a dangerously large profile and huge edges, this equipment will give any player the confidence to clear the boundary ropes time after time. 


Designed to take batting to a new dimension, with new Gray Nicolls branding, an unprecedented edge profile and sculpted low-blade hitting zone will make the Supernova range the talk of dressing rooms around the world. Power, style and absolute quality is in abundance from the game's best bat makers. With a Mid/Low blade zone the range is ideally suited to the front foot player. 

Our current offerings include the Limited Edition (LE), Players, 5 Star, 4 Star and 500 Lite.

Powerbow 5

The next Gray Nicolls modern day classic. The fifth edition of the Powerbow encapsulates original features to create a new bench mark for bat making. A long, exaggerated bow enhanced by an imposing low, full-blade profile is the perfect combination for any player looking for the ultimate innings. The low-blade zone on the Powerbow 5 range is ideally suited to the front foot player. 

Our current offerings include the Limited Edition (LE), Players, 5 Star, 4 Star, 500 Lite and 400.

The F18 range has been revamped and with a profile that provides enormous power high in the blade to suit the style of player that loves to take on the bowling. A full profile, developed in conjunction with our International stars, has been created to ensure every shot gets maximum reward. The range has a Mid/High blade zone which is ideally suited to those attacking players who really like to get after the bowling constantly. 

Our current offerings include the Limited Edition (LE), Players, 5 Star and 4 Star.

The Omega XRD range also has been remodelled for 2016 and was a huge hit previously with our International ambassadors, the Omega XRD provides everything a batsman needs at the crease. The unique weight distribution in the shoulders enable a huge profile, high sweet spot and the perfect pick up. XRD handles are fitted as standard, providing the feel and performance demanded by our Test Match stars.

Our current offering includes the Limited Edition (LE), Players, 5 Star and 4 Star.

The Lucky 7 used and endorsed by Peter Trego has had a revamp and has been designed to combine the beauty of a Gray Nicolls blade, the distinctive Trego graphic and a stand out performance. Ideal for the player who is looking to make a statement at the crease.

Gray Nicolls - The Willow Story Unique to the industry, Gray Nicolls grow only the finest English Willow for the production of their Cricket Bats. Salix Caerulea or Alba Var varieties are grown and harvested by the company in a willow replenishment programme pioneered nearly 100 years ago. The clefts are air-dried for approximately 6 weeks to ensure perfect moisture content and the very best performance. Every aspect of the bat making process is carefully overseen to guarantee a product of excellent quality. All bats are given a final quality control inspection. Performance is tested using a Lignum Vitae Mallet. In this way the world renowned quality and performance of Gray Nicolls Bats is ensured.

1. Unloading – The willow arrives in Robertsbridge and is cut into roundels. The roundels are sealed and left to dry for a few days.
2. Splitting – Each roundel has its bark stripped and is marked ready for splitting into clefts. A cleft in its roughest form is cut and ready for machining.
3. Drying – The cleft is graded at this point and left for 6 weeks to air dry which reduces its naturally high moisture content.
4. Handle – The handle is turned on a lathe to create the perfect shape. Each handle is then fitted into the cleft by hand.
5. Shaping – Our “Master Bat Makers” ensure each bat is shaped to provide optimum balance, pick up and performance. Bats are carefully sanded and buffed to give them their finished look and feel.
6. Pressing – Each bat is then pressed, compressing the natural fibres enhancing the performance of each bat and providing the blade with its bow.
7. Binding – The handle is then bound and glued to add more strength.
8. Labelling – Finally the labels are carefully applied and the grip is fitted.