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Kookaburra Cricket Bats

Showing 17 Products
Showing 17 Products

Kookaburra Cricket Bats

Discount Cricket Outlet is proud to present the new Kookaburra Cricket Bats range. The range is one of the most extensive and popular on the cricket market in the UK, inclidong the Beast, Kahuna, Ghost and Pace bats.

The Kookaburra range is used across the world by international cricketers including AB De Villiers, Ian Bell and Jos Buttler.

Discount Cricket Outlet can offer the largest range of Kookaburra bats possible at the cheapest prices in the UK.

Hand Crafted

Kookaburra have long recognised that hand making techniques are the best option to manufacture quality cricket bats. These techniques allow our Master Bat Makers to utilise their skills, breathing life into every Kookaburra bat. With recent extensive investment in our Bat Making facilities in the UK and India – we are confident that this gives us the ultimate in ‘hands on’ quality control.

Cricket Bats

The modern player performs with an unprecedented freedom of shots and it is the ability to play without fear that allows players to hit the ball further than ever before. It would be nice to claim that the bat is the primary reason for the prodigious distances that the T/20 Superstars achieve; however the reality is that the bat is simply a tool of the trade, and as such acts in partnership with the player who is stronger and more athletic than they have ever been at the Elite level. The challenge that the Kookaburra Master Bat Maker faces is to produce bats which compliment the evolving skills of the Player and this has resulted in the latest Collection.

Weight & Pickup - Why is it important?

The ‘holy grail’ of bats is one with a massive profile and a very light ‘dead weight’ but this is exceptionally hard to find. There is much discussion about heavier bats and massive edge profiles and how these will hit the ball further but we do not totally subscribe to that theory. Clearly, if you choose a lighter bat then you will most likely have to compromise slightly on the thickness of the profile and edge profile but this is not a problem. We all have different physiques and sizes and we strongly believe that to get the best performance out of a bat the most essential element is to choose one that feels the right weight for you, this will help you to time the ball better and ultimately make more runs. It is interesting when a player stipulates that they must have an exact bat weight - if a 2lb 9oz and a 2lb 10oz bat weight were placed in front of the player, it is unlikely that they would be able to tell the difference. We feel ‘pick up’ is more important than ‘dead weight’ as the ‘pick up’ determines how the bat will feel in play – nobody can tell you what the right pick up is for you, or the exact weight you should use – it is a question of what feels right for you.

Shape & Profile - Which Profile for me?

It is often claimed that bats are specifically designed for either front or back foot play. In reality, although a shape can be better suited to the type of wicket you normally play on, we all have to play off both the front and back foot, so it is therefore best to choose the bat that just feels right for you. All players differ slightly in the way they play and as such are likely to hit the ball in slightly different areas of the bat. Whilst it is impossible to cater for every impact area if you choose a bat whereby the wood is focused on your normal impact position, then this gives a better chance of finding the bat that will be right for you.

Kookaburra have released a brand new range of Cricket Bats ready for the new season and here is a little more detail on what is included within each range ready and available here at Discount Cricket Outlet.