2024 Kookaburra Bubble 3 Star Cricket Bat

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The return of the Iconic Kookaburra Bubble continues for 2024 - recreated with contemporary graphics.

5.1 Grade Unbleached English Willow

Product Features

In The Cricketer's 2023 review they said:

"Australian brand Kookaburra have really leaned into the retro market with its latest Bubble model. Just one look at those labels will bring back a flood of memories of the great innings of yesteryear. But this bat isn't just a gimmick, the Bubble performed admirably in our tests and will be a forgiving option for the standard clubbie. While the design is clearly devisive, it won compliments for its toe, splice and a middle that really goes."

Sweet Spot Approx. 210mm to 240 mm from toe
Edge Profile & Thickness Round (34+mm)
Face Profile Rounded
Spine Profile Approx. 65mm to 67mm
Scallop Slight Concave (1-2mm)
Bow Mid/Low Blade (10-12mm)
Handle Oval
Grip Hexa
Weight Range 2lbs 8 1/2 oz - 2lbs 10 1/2oz

* Please note that the addition of anti-scuff facing & edging tape adds 1-2 ounces to the original weight that you have selected for your bat.

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