2024 Gray Nicolls GN Ultimate Junior Cricket Bat

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Containing the traditional Classic Collection outlook, the 2024 Gray Nicolls GN Ultimate Junior Cricket Bat contains Grade Four English Willow. Designed for batters serious about their game, the mid blade sweet spot allows young batters to play effective shots off of the front or back foot.

Product Features


  • Grade 4 English Willow with a natural Finish on the blade and fibre tape on the edges for extra protection (No Anti Scuff).
  • Profile: Concave sculpting to give a professional pick up and balance.
  • Handle: Finest 12 Piece Cane for maximum feel through the blade.
  • Handle Shape: Semi oval bottom hand for comfort and complete control. 
  • Bow: Even mid blade bow.
  • Strike Zone: Mid blade sweet spot, ideally suited to both front foot and back foot play.
  • Edge: Imposing edge profile that isn't compromised.
  • Grip: Superlink grip optimises grip and feel whilst improving control at the crease.
  • Finish: Sanded and buffed with fibre tape on the edges (no anti scuff).

* Please note that the addition of anti-scuff facing & edging tape adds 1-2 ounces to the original weight that you have selected for your bat.