2019 Kookaburra Ghost React Junior Cricket Bat

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Suited to players who prefer lighter bats without compromising on performance, the Ghost React enables you to get your hands quickly through the ball. The huge profile of the willow assists batsman to play powerful, bullish strokes whilst the lightweight design ensures nothing is holding you back from playing extravagant strokes. This premium quality Grade 2 English Willow contains a beautiful balance and pick up to accompany the aesthetically pleasing graphics.

Product Features


Each cleft is different, and although replication by machine would seem a sensible direction, it does not allow Kookaburra’s Master Bat Maker to individually assess and uniquely work every cleft to maximise it’s performance. Over 50 different processes go into the production of each Kookaburra bat... TRUE CRAFTSMANSHIP


Kookaburra use traditional methods to prepare willow, with clefts being left to dry naturally over a period of time rather than ‘flash’ dried in kilns. This gives greater durability as it allows the willow to find it’s natural moisture level


This process is done by hand NOT machine and greatly reduces the time needed to prepare your bat for match play. It is not a full ‘knocking in’ service and more preparation work by yourself is advised after purchase.


The unique combination of multi directional ‘Snake Scales’ creates a solid and secure feel.