2021 Kookaburra Ghost Obscene Cricket Bat

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Containing a monstrous profile, the 2020 Kookaburra Ghost Obscene Cricket Bat has been enhanced in 2020 by using a shorter blade. Made from Grade Four English Willow, Kookaburra's new longer ‘Pro Lite Counter-Balance’ handle allows you to gain more momentum on the downswing enabling you to hit the ball further than ever.

Product Features



Sweet Spot Mid (195 - 215 from toe)
Edge Profile & Thickness Round (36-38mm)
Face Profile Rounded
Spine Profile Super Spine (63 to 67mm)
Scallop Approx 1 - 2mm
Bow Approx 10 - 14mm
Handle Oval
Grip Wave
Weight Range 2lbs 8 1/2 oz - 2lbs 10 1/2 oz