Katchet Fusion Multi-Stump

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The Multi-Stump was designed by FUSION SPORTS following a request from the England cricket team to provide a stump which would not be routinely broken by their fast bowlers. Fusion Sports answered that call with the MULTI-STUMP, which is exceptionally durable and the NEW IMPROVED model launched in late 2019 is very flexible (Much more so than previous model) which allows the ball to travel through the single stump with minimal deflection, a big advantage to current stumps on the market today as this makes it far safer to use. Single stump with metal pin that secures it into the grass

Product Features

The FUSION MULTI-STUMP cricket coaching and training aid is aptly named due to the multiple roles it can perform. This revolutionary product takes the previously functional stump into the 21st century and provides the coach and player with a training aid which responds to the needs of the modern cricketer.
It is weather resistant, durable, light, flexible and bright and due to the unique interchangeable spike or base can be easily used on grass, AstroTurf or indoor surfaces.

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