2018 Gunn and Moore Mana Plus Batting Gloves

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On 2018 Gunn & Moore products the sizing on the packaging will read Womens, Large or Extra Large for Small, Medium & Large as per 2017 sizes and our conversion chart.

Used by James Vince and Ben Duckett, the 2018 Gunn and Moore Mana Plus Batting Gloves is able to dissipate up to 90% of cricket ball energy upon impact.

Gunn and Moore have been known for their high quality batting protection for a long time and these Gloves include comfort pad straps embossed stylishly with the GM logo.

Product Features

  • Pro pu facing.
  • Traditional cotton/cane face filling.
  • 2" comfort calf and ankle comfort straps.
  • Embossed strap tabs and stylish co-ordinated pad straps.
  • Poron xrd/tri layer foam/plastic fibre knee locator.
  • Comfort foam/low density foam/plastic fibre vertical bolster.
  • One piece low density interior bolster.
  • Stitched in top hat protector.
  • Kpu instep for durability.
  • Padded comfort instep.