2021 DSC Flip Series 1.0 Cricket Bat

2021 DSC Flip Series 1.0 Cricket Bat

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Grade 1+ willow - The DSC Flip Series 1.0 Cricket bat is a classy looking cricket bat with an imposing profile and huge power from DSC cricket

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The DSC Flip combines contemporary looks with outstanding performance. The name comes from the different looks on the front and back of the bat – it plays just as good as it looks with superb grade 1+ willow.

It features an extended sweetspot to allow the batsman to dominate the crease. It combines massive edges with subtle concaving to produce a huge profile which feels very powerful. The pronounced bow and mid sweetspot make it a brilliant all-round bat for all kinds of players

This fusion of technical excellence and striking aesthetics will enable you to take your performance to the next level, in a style that demands attention.


• Exquisitely handcrafted by the DSC master craftsmen
• Curved Blade for powerful performance
• Extended Power Zone for monstrous hitting area
• Treble spring (9pc) handle for maximum shock absorption and strength
• Pronounced bow for unparalleled stroke play
• Conforms to MCC Law 5 for maximum approved bat size
• Designed for the powerful and dominating strokes

* Please note that the addition of anti-scuff facing & edging tape adds 1-2 ounces to the original weight that you have selected for your bat.

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Season 2021
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