2019 Falke 4 GRIP Cricket Socks - non-slip

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**AS USED BY INTERNATIONAL & 1ST CLASS CRICKETERS** - The ultimate non slip sports sock. The innovative 4 GRIP cricket sock design guarantees maximum stability, rapid change of direction and enhanced power transfer in all sports. Silicone pads on the inside and outside stop your foot slipping in the shoe and a special compression zone in the ankle area reduces the risk of sprains at the same time. Once you have used the Falke cricket socks you will never go back to a traditional sock.

Product Features

Silicone pads inside and out cater for an optimum grip Compression zone in the ankle area reduces misalignments and the risk of sprains Moisture-regulating, 3-layered fabric structure Patented toe box reduces pressure marks and blisters Ergonomic fit Normal length 70% Nylon 23% Polypropylene 7% Elastane