Kookaburra Pace 2.4 Slim-Fit Batting Gloves

Kookaburra Pace 2.4 Slim-Fit Batting Gloves

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Containing a new slim-Fit design, the Kookaburra Pace 2.4 Slim-fit Batting Gloves provide the impact protection need for premier league cricket. Ideal for the next generation of developing players/lady players.

Product Features

DNA                                        Grade 2 quality

Palm                                       Premium Leather with Kookaburra ‘Max Flo’ ventilation

Anti-Wear Patch                  Leather (heel)

Back                                        Premium Mesh

Finger Protection                 Square HDF with Fibre Protection Plates

Side Finger Protection        Top Hand - 3 Piece HDF

Side Finger Protection        Bottom Hand - 3 Piece HDF

Thumb Protection               2 Piece Square HDF  

Lining                                     Super Soft Brushed Cotton with Foam ‘Soft Fill’

Gusset                                    Airflow Mesh

Wrist                                      50mm Double Sided Towel with Rubberised Over Flap & ‘wrap around’ fastening

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Season 2021
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