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2018 Gray Nicolls GN Ultimate Cricket Bat

2018 Gray Nicolls GN Ultimate Cricket Bat


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Product Details

This Grade Four English Willow is incredibly balanced with a sweet spot aiding different styles of batsman. The mid-blade bow allows batsman to play a variety of shots, whether that be front or back foot, making it a great choice for the all round stroke maker. Combining this with the traditional Gray Nicolls look, batsman can arrive at the crease with a real dominating presence, making them gain an advantage as they stride out to the crease.
  • Product Features
  • Description

    • Profile: Concave sculpting to give a professional pick up and balance.
    • Handle: Finest 12 Piece Cane for maximum feel through the blade.
    • Handle Shape: Semi oval bottom hand for comfort and complete control. 
    • Bow: Even mid blade bow.
    • Strike Zone: Mid blade sweet spot, ideally suited to both front foot and back foot play.
    • Edge: Imposing edge profile that isn't compromised.
    • Grip: Superlink grip optimises grip and feel whilst improving control at the crease.
    • Finish: Sanded and buffed with fibre tape on the edges (no anti scuff).
    • Weight: 2.7 - 2.10.