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2017 Aero Stand Up Tour Cricket Bag

  • 2017 Aero Stand Up Tour Cricket Bag

2017 Aero Stand Up Tour Cricket Bag


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Product Details

The Aero Stand Up Cricket Bag has loads of pockets, lockable spaces for three cricket bats and tiered internal cavities to carry all the equipment a player needs.

The large front pocket is lined with heavy duty materials to carry spikes, while an extensive re-design has led to this bag being lightened and strengthened considerably.

  • Product Features
  • Description

    • Beautifully balanced with an extendable handle
    • Designed to take these hassles out of the travel side of cricket
    • The ‘STAND UP’ bag has 50% of a normal bag’s footprint
    • The ‘STAND UP’ bag is not one but three bags delivering versatility from your cricket luggage.
    • The ‘STAND UP’ includes a toilet/medical bag AND a carry home bag.
    • The padded 3 bat pockets and the large internal cavity can be locked away with a combination lock that comes with the ‘STAND UP’ bag.
    • Dimensions: 100cm x 40cm x 40cm
    • Colour: Black/Silver